Erik Haula Fires Massive Shot At Former Team

Published July 17, 2023 at 11:15

Erik Haula has fired a massive shot at one of his former teams that has repeatedly gotten the better of him.

Haula's History With Carolina

Last year, Erik Haula made history as being the first player to lose three straight years in the playoffs to a former team on three different teams.

The Hurricanes and Haula are not on the best of terms and that comes only a few years after Haula played for the Canes. Back in 2019-20, he scored 22 points in 41 games for Carolina and proved to be a valuable player they let walk in free agency.

Haula Fires Shots

Recently, friendship bracelets have become a trend to give to professional athletes.

Erik Haula was pictured sporting one that says "Canes Suck"


This has divided social media with some saying the Hurricanes fan's treatment of Haula is unjust with others saying Haula has crossed a line with this. It is not uncommon to see players dislike former organizations but there seems to be a genuine hatred from Haula here.
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Erik Haula Fires Massive Shot At Former Team

Did Haula cross a line?

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