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Elliotte Friedman Shuts Down A Major Rumor Involving Connor Bedard And The Chicago Blackhawks

Published December 29, 2023 at 3:03 PM

Elliotte Friedman has just shut down a massive rumour regarding Connor Bedard and the Chicago Blackhawks, and fans should be relieved.

Elliotte Friedman Shuts Down Pettersson To Chicago Rumors

There have been some rumblings that Elias Pettersson could be moved to Chicago to join Connor Bedard in the Blackhawks young core. The rumour gained some legs when it was discussed on the Spittin Chiclets podcast.

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The rumour was quickly shut down by NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, who said on his podcast that while Murley isn't a bad reporter, the rumour might be a little premature to be reported on just yet.

Elliotte on Pettersson to Chicago rumor:

Matt Murley is not an idiot. He hears things. I've seen the stuff that he reports. He gets information, people talk to him. I would say about this one, I think it's premature.

Canucks On the Verge of Becoming Great Team

The move raised eyebrows especially as the Vancouver Canucks have been making strides as one of the NHLs best emerging teams. Pettersson is a huge part of that success, with 43 points in 36 games already for the Canucks. Trading him now would be a massive disservice to the work the Canucks have done to become successful, and wouldn't be worth any return.

Elias Pettersson wants to win so badly that he will leave the first place team in the NHL to join the Chicago Blackhawks

If Pettersson truly wants to win, then he might consider staying in Vancouver. He is up for a new contract this offseason which will likely give him a massive pay bump, however, the Canucks also provide him with what looks to be a great chance at playing for the Stanley Cup in the near future.
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Elliotte Friedman Shuts Down A Major Rumor Involving Connor Bedard And The Chicago Blackhawks

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