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BREAKING: Seattle Kraken Sued For Newest Jerseys

Published December 29, 2023 at 11:41

In breaking news, the Seattle Kraken have just been sued for the design of their newest jerseys.

Kraken Sued for Design of Winter Classic Jerseys

The Seattle Kraken has just been served a lawsuit for allegedly breaking trademark law. The lawsuit alleges that the Kraken's Winter Classic jersey contains a nearly identical red 'S' as the Seattle Metropolitan jersey, owned by Paul Kim, who filed the lawsuit.

NEW from @GeoffBakerTIMES: A lawsuit filed against the Kraken's ownership in U.S. District Court alleges that the Kraken violated trademark rights in the design of their NHL Winter Classic jerseys.

Winter Classic jerseys are commonly used to celebrate the history of the teams playing, however, a unique situation has arisen here since the Kraken don't have that long of a recent history.

While the attempt to honour the Metropolitans is nice, if the Kraken doesn't own the trademark, they are clearly violating some trademark issues. Normally, since a team's jersey and logo go along with ownership changes, this isn't an issue.

We will see how this plays out as the Winter Classic approaches.
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BREAKING: Seattle Kraken Sued For Newest Jerseys

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