Don Cherry has some advice for Auston Matthews after his embarrassing display

Published November 7, 2022 at 5:43 PM

In a game last week between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers, we saw Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews engage in some shoving and cross-checking with Flyers forward Travis Konecny, and when the pushing came to dropping the gloves, Matthews just watched as his team stepped in and fought his battle for him.

To make it worse, when the battle was over, Matthews again went after Konecny with another cross check then once again watched his teammates fight his battle.

If you missed it before, here is the video:

We all know Don Cherry and his stance on physicality in the game. This week on his Grapevine Podcast, he had some advice for Auston Matthews:

I like Matthews, he's a good goal scorer and everything but you just can't do that when you're a goal scorer. He's gotta learn, just skate away. Don't stand there laughing while some other guy is fighting your battle for you.

You have to take it like Lafleur. The only time Lafleur ever got mad was when him and Mike Milbury used to go at it. Don't start anything and just leave it alone and when the fight is going on don't stand there and laugh.

I think we can all agree that Auston Matthews should not be fighting, you dont want to see your star players dropping the mitts, but if you're going to start a situation like this, you need to stand up for yourself. Either skate away and don't involve yourself in the antics, or if you're going to give cheap shots back to someone, you better be prepared for the consequences.
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Don Cherry has some advice for Auston Matthews after his embarrassing display

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