Details on Kirby Dach's upcoming contract revealed

Published September 2, 2022 at 12:52
The Montreal Canadiens had a plan in mind when they passed on projected first overall pick Shane Wright at the 2022 NHL Entry draft, and that was quickly revealed at the draft when they traded fan favourite Alexander Romanov to the New York Islanders for their first round pick, which they immediately flipped to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Kirby Dach, a 2019 third overall pick.

The Canadiens currently at the salary cap max, and their new center has been a Restricted Free Agent since arriving, but it sounds like their deal is finally about to be put to paper.

Dach hasn't quite had a breakout season yet in the National Hockey League, never scoring more than 26 points and has yet to play in a full season.

The Habs could go two ways with his next contract, they could go on a short-term ''show me'' deal and keep him an RFA when it expires, or sign him long term, to a contract that will have a higher cap hit but hope that it is a steal by year 3.

Well, it looks like they are choosing neither and splitting it down the middle.

This deal will still keep Dach an RFA's by the end of it.
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Details on Kirby Dach's upcoming contract revealed

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