Coyotes Goaltender Takes a Massive Shot at His Own Team

Published July 27, 2023 at 7:10 PM

Vejmelka Fires Shot at Arizona

Karel Vejmelka has been the starting goaltender of the Arizona Coyotes for this past season including the season past.

Arizona has been mocked at for using the Arizona State University as their home arena, however their own team has had enough only after one season.

"I don't think a single game was sold out this year. It was mostly away fans too. The prices are stupid, $160 for the cheapest seat in a tiny university arena"

-Karel Vejmelka


The arena that only houses 5,000 people makes the NHL team look like lousy, the next lowest seating arena sits just over 15,000 people.

Arizona's Success

Despite the Coyotes playing in a college sized arena the team came out and shocked the NHL with their ability to play on home ice.

The Coyotes finished with a 21-15-5 home record which was way better than their away record which was an appauling 7-25-9 on the road.

Even though the arena was smaller the Coyotes came out and played incredibly well for the small crowd that went to the home games.

As Seen on Habs Fanatics - Coyotes goaltender Karel Vejmelka publicly criticizes his own organization

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Coyotes Goaltender Takes a Massive Shot at His Own Team

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