Corey Perry's Agent Fires Shots At The Blackhawks

Published November 25, 2023 at 9:33 PM
The Chicago Blackhawks have been an interesting team to watch this season. With the addition of Connor Bedard, the team is suddenly in a position where scoring goals is not like pulling teeth, but the team still has plenty of problems in goal and on defense. That being said, there has been some recent drama developing around the team.

Perry Mysteriously Absent From Blackhawks

One of the moves the Blackhawks made in the offseason was to bring in veteran agitator Corey Perry. The move has worked out quite well as he has been a consistent scoring threat for the Hawks so far. However, he recently disappeared from the team for seemingly no reason.

Chicago coach Luke Richardson says Corey Perry won't play this afternoon against Toronto. He remains careful not to comment on anything further about Perry's status

Even other Blackhawks players seemingly do not know what the situation with Perry is.

Foligno on Corey Perry: «We just know he's not with us. Haven't gotten any details. It's unfortunate; he's a big part of this. We'll miss him.»

Perry's Agent Refutes Blackhawks Claims About Perry

Today, Perry's agent, Pat Morris, made a statement contradicting the narrative set forth by the Blackhawks regarding Perry. His words added more confusion to Perry's status.

Kyle Davidson, general manager of the Blackhawks previously stated that it was the team's decision to keep Perry away from the team at the moment.

Kyle Davidson clearly stated this was the team's decision. This statement via Corey Perry's agent insinuates it was CP's choice. Why not say ‘personal matters' from the get go? Getting stranger by the minute now.

It remains unclear why Perry is not with the Blackhawks, but it seems that he will not be coming back anytime soon as Davidson also noted that he would be out for the 'foreseeable future.'

The Blackhawks play their next game tomorrow at 2PM EST against the St. Louis Blues. It appears that Perry will not be with the team.

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Corey Perry's Agent Fires Shots At The Blackhawks

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