Moving Stick Not a Feat of Magic or Mystery

Published November 25, 2023 at 6:58 PM
Just when it looked like we were well past «spooky season,» something strange goes down on the ice that had many television viewers of a particular game quite perplexed.

The Mysterious Moving Stick

On Wednesday night, Calgary was playing at Nashville when Dillon Dube dove across the front of the net to block a shot, losing his stick in the process.

The stick would stop initially against the end board but as Dube got up to skate towards the bench, his twig started moving, looking as if it was following its owner, before it ultimately stopped moving.

While some viewers at home were reasonably perplexed by the action of the stick, there was logical explanation in the end.

When the stick was at rest, what couldn't be seen in the television shot was the puck hitting it, which made it move seemingly out of the blue.

The digital ads that line the boards of NHL rinks have been a bit controversial over the last few seasons and were the reasoning as to why the puck was not picked up on the play.

Source: Bizarre scene: a stick starts moving on its own on the ice, raising big questions among fans about digital advertising
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Moving Stick Not a Feat of Magic or Mystery

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