Canadiens Legend Retires From Hockey

Published September 22, 2023 at 10:50 PM

End of an Era: Dr. David Mulder Retires from the Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have bid farewell to their longstanding team physician, Dr. David Mulder, marking the conclusion of a remarkable 60-year tenure.

Beginning his journey with the Canadiens in 1963, Dr. Mulder catered to the medical needs of the Habs' minor league system. In 1971, he transitioned to the NHL team, stepping into the role of the team doctor.

By 1999, he was appointed the chief team physician, succeeding Dr. Douglas Kinnear – another stalwart who dedicated 37 years to the team and worked alongside Dr. Mulder at the Montreal General Hospital.

Beyond the Ice: Dr. Mulder's Medical Prowess

While Dr. Mulder's contributions to the Canadiens are significant, his impact in the broader medical community is equally commendable. At the Montreal General Hospital, he not only excelled as a trauma surgeon but also climbed the ranks to become the Chief Surgeon.

His efforts have been pivotal in enhancing trauma care standards across Quebec, ensuring better quality of life for patients.


In collaboration with Dr. Kinnear, Dr. Mulder penned 'Hockey Doc', an insightful journey into the Canadiens' medical history, which narrates tales of their legendary players.

The book also sheds light on the intricacies of hockey-related medical challenges. Although Dr. Kinnear departed in 2019, two years prior to the book's publication, his legacy, along with Dr. Mulder's, lives on through these pages.

Dr. Mulder's expertise saw the Canadiens through some tough times, including Max Pacioretty's severe injury in 2011 and the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment of former Captain Saku Koivu.

Passing the Baton: Meet the New Head Physician

Stepping into Dr. Mulder's shoes is Dr. Dan Deckelbaum, previously the assistant to the team physician.

Associated with the Canadiens since the 2011-12 NHL season, Dr. Deckelbaum brings his experience in trauma care from McGill University to the forefront. The Canadiens are poised for a new chapter in medical leadership under his guidance.

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Canadiens Legend Retires From Hockey

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