Matthew Tkachuk Gives His Shocking Opinion On Canadian Markets

Published September 22, 2023 at 9:11 PM

Matthew Tkachuk played in Calgary with the Flames for 6 seasons. Last offseason he was traded in a blockbuster to the Florida Panthers. Now Tkachuk decided to comment on the differences of playing in Canada versus America.

Tkachuk Compliments A Division Rival

Matthew Tkachuk knows first hand how difficult playing in a Canadian market can be. So when he was asked about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their lack of success in recent years he was quite sympathetic to them.

Playing in Canada is very different with the spotlight and the history. What I've noticed in the difference between playing in Canada and Florida is the highs and lows. So I think for them, maybe, and they're unbelievable talents, but unless they win the Stanley Cup, they're basically crucified.

He also says that he believes the players have what it takes to handle the crucifixion that they are handed on a daily basis.

And it's not their fault; it's kind of just the way it is. I know they're mentally tough enough, and I know them well and they've been able to handle it and have kept getting better and better

After speaking about the Maple Leafs Tkachuk gives his personal opinion on playing in Canada.

Tkachuk Doesn't Want To Deal With Canada

During the interview, Tkachuk was asked about playing in Canada again. His response is sure to fire up Canadian fans and shock some people.

But I know, seeing it from afar, nothing against here, but I know I wouldn't want to deal with it on any given day

Tkachuk is not looking forward to playing in Canada anytime soon again.

Matthew Tkachuk really didn't like playing in Canada.

He won't have to worry about calling Canada home for a while at least since he just signed his massive extension in Florida last offseason. His comments if anything will draw some ill will from Canadian fans and draw a few boos.

In international competition, Tkachuk represents the United States which could make him even more disliked by Canadians in the future with international hockey returning soon.

Either way, the Tkachuk family has never been shy to share their opinion on a wide array of topics and that seems to still be going strong.

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Matthew Tkachuk Gives His Shocking Opinion On Canadian Markets

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