Camera captures Alex Ovechkin's emotional reaction to Carlson's injury

Published December 27, 2022 at 1:34 PM
After John Carlson took a puck to the face it was obvious he was in serious pain. Given how much blood was on the ice and his reaction it was clear he was in bad shape. Carlson's friend and teammate, Alex Ovechkin was on the ice and immediately rushed to his aid.

After Carlson was taken from the ice, the remaining blood told a story of how bad his cut was. Carlson was taken immediately to local hospital for observation.

But unfortunately when your friend and teammate is injured the game doesn't stop. After the injury the cameras caught Ovechkin in a very special moment on the bench.

Alex Ovechkin bent over and appeared to say a prayer for John Carlson on the bench after his longtime teammate got hit in the head by a slap shot. Carlson immediately went down to the locker room and was bleeding profusely.

Ovechkin was clearly concerned for his friend and took the time to pray for his health. Ovechkin is clearly one of the best people in the league.
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