Calle Jarnkrok's Career as a Toronto Maple Leaf May Be Over

Published September 26, 2023 at 11:15 PM

Throughout the entire offseason, the Toronto Maple Leafs, under the guidance of Brad Treliving, have been engaged in an ongoing struggle with their precarious salary cap situation. With minimal room to maneuver, it seems that Brad Treliving is now taking steps to alleviate this pressing issue.

Speculation Surrounding Calle Jarnkrok's Future with the Leafs


Recent rumors swirling within the hockey community suggest that Calle Jarnkrok might not be gracing the ice in a Leafs jersey when the season's first game arrives. Notably, he has been absent from both of the team's preseason matchups and, as of today, has not been assigned to any of the on-ice practice groups.

Regarding Jarnkrok's absence, questions loom large:

"No word yet on Jarnkrok. Hasn't played in either pre-season game and not in today's groups. #Leafs"

"As has been noted. Calle Jarnkrok isn't listed here and he didn't play in either of the team's first two pre-season games."

"We would have heard about an injury by now. I think getting it done early is the right thing to do by the player if the Leafs are pretty set on the idea of having some roster flexibility. It would allow Järnkrok to have a proper camp with the new team."

Amidst this uncertainty, many have pondered whether the Leafs will take action to create additional salary cap room or embark on the upcoming season with a restricted roster to meet cap compliance.

The Mystery Around Jarnkrok's Absence From Training Camp


While signs increasingly point towards Jarnkrok's potential exit, official confirmation remains elusive. Conceivably, he could be contending with an injury or dealing with personal matters that have temporarily sidelined him from on-ice participation. Typically, the Leafs organization discloses such information to the media.

"There is absolutely no reason for Järnrkrok to be completely MIA unless it's a relatively imminent trade. The zero flexibility roster never really made sense, and that was always the obvious way out."

"I guess this Järnkrok thing could be injury related or a personal matter but the PR usually discloses that stuff. Something to keep an eye on."

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Calle Jarnkrok's Career as a Toronto Maple Leaf May Be Over

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