Bruin Who Left for Europe Blames Organization for Betraying Him

Published July 16, 2023 at 4:25 PM

A Bruin who will be finishing his career in Europe has blamed the organization for a betrayal.

Stralman's Struggles

The Boston Bruins just had one of the most historic and disastrous seasons in NHL history. From being a record-breaking regular season team to losing in the first-round playoffs, the Bruins season will be bittersweet to look back upon for the players and the fans.

With having such a strong team, the Bruins were bound to not have some top talent on their roster. Of these players, Anton Stralman was one of them to get the short end of the stick.

After signing with the Bruins on a PTO, Stralman got the impression that he would be a staple of their defensive core last year but that was not the case after the Bruins only decided to play him in 8 games.

Stralman eventually signed with HV71 of the SHL this past offseason which looks to be the nail in his coffin for his NHL career.

Stralman Speaks Out

Stralman has spoken out on the Bruins organization, claiming they have betrayed him.

"They did as they probably thought at the beginning, it became a loan for a few months. Then they got rid of me in the AHL, you feel betrayed, that was not what we were talking about. It's just an example of how it can be." Anton Stralman

Stralman went on to say how he expected to be a full-time NHL player and not an AHLer.

"Then I wanted to join a team that had a chance to win, I wanted a chance to compete for a spot on a team. I made it pretty clear that I wasn't going to be a loan player."

It appears the Bruins organization saw he was not worthy of being a roster player for them and he will only be a footnote of their historic 2022-23 regular season.

Seen first on HockeyFeed - Stralman says he was «betrayed» by the Boston Bruins.
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Bruin Who Left for Europe Blames Organization for Betraying Him

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