Hurricanes Ownership Reportedly Vetoes Controversial Trade

Published July 16, 2023 at 11:29

Remember when we all thought Tony DeAngelo was going to be traded back to Carolina just one year after his original departure? It turns out there might be more to this failed trade than we all originally thought.

Canes Owner Stepped In

It appears as thought Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon set his foot down and vetoed the DeAngelo trade before it could be finalized.

"I'm sure there were several factors that went into the Tony DeAngelo trade falling through, but it sounds like #Hurricanes' ownership played some kind of role in it."

Why Dundon decided to block this trade is unknown, but it certainly makes things more interesting. What could've tainted Dundon's perception of DeAngelo so badly that he would veto a trade for him?

Time to Move On

One theory is that the Hurricanes have been hard at work trying to acquire Erik Karlsson from San Jose, and the Tony DeAngelo trade would've only further complicated things. It would make sense that Dundon would want the big fish rather than a cheap, bargain deal.

While we can't confirm this rumor as fact, it seems likely that this was the reasoning for Dundon blocking the trade. We hope for his sake that this all works out in Carolina's favor.

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Hurricanes Ownership Reportedly Vetoes Controversial Trade

Will Carolina land Karlsson?

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