BREAKING: Player That Changed the Course of NHL History Signs in Russia

Published September 21, 2023 at 11:44

A player who has changed the course of NHL history for years to come has left the league in favor of playing in Russia.

Robinson Signs In The KHL

It was just announced that Buddy Robinson has left the NHL to sign with Traktor of the KHL.

Buddy Robinson signs one-year contract with Traktor. #KHL

Robinson was originally undrafted but worked his way through the ranks and has played in the NHL in parts of six seasons registering 62 games played and 12 points.

Robinson's History Changing Impact

While Robinson is a fringe NHL player, playing most of his career in the AHL, that has not stopped him from making a leaguewide impact.

Robinson scored this goal last April which did a few major things.

As a result of this goal, Robinson ensured that the Penguins would not be making the playoffs, effectively eliminating them. If the Penguins made the playoffs, the Florida Panthers and their magical cup finals run would have never been and the Bruins likely make it out of the east.

This goal also moved Chicago into the third-best odds for Connor Bedard as opposed to the second. The third-best odds are clearly better to have as they landed Bedard who will be the face of their franchise for years to come.

Things that happened as a result of this goal:
- Pens 16 year playoff streak ends
- Panthers make cup final as the 8 seed for first time since 96
- Biggest upset in playoffs history
- Leafs organization self destructs
- Blackhawks get Connor Bedard

If Robinson did not score this goal and the Penguins won that game, probably none of these things would have happened. Imagine Bedard in Columbus, the Leafs keeping Kyle Dubas, and Patrice Bergeron lifting the cup in his final game as a Bruin.

All of this could have happened and probably would have if Buddy Robinson did not score that goal.
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BREAKING: Player That Changed the Course of NHL History Signs in Russia

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