Anaheim's Offer to Trevor Zegras Leaks and it's Embarrassing

Published September 21, 2023 at 10:23

The Anaheim Ducks have built a solid young core over the past few years, and after a contract extension for Troy Terry early in the summer, it appeared as though Trevor Zegras would be next.

A major low-ball


After becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the NHL, scoring incredible goals and getting major interest from the league's young audiences, things were lining up for a big-time extension with the NHL 23 cover athlete.

However, the Ducks appear to be the only party not interested in locking him in long-term, and their latest offer to the 22-year old star is a perfect example of why.

The Ducks are offering Trevor Zegras in the $3M to $4M AAV range.

- Renaud Lavoie.

A move coming?

According to renowned NHL Insider Renaud Lavoie, the Ducks latest offer to Zegras was an insulting one, offering him in the $3M to $4M per season range, despite giving Terry a contract with a $7M AAV.

Given the positive attention he's brought the organization while posting a career high in games (81), goals (23) and points (65) a year ago, and now, all signs are pointing towards a free agency or trade exit for the rising star.
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Anaheim's Offer to Trevor Zegras Leaks and it's Embarrassing

Can these two sides come to an extension before the season begins?

Yes735 %
No1365 %
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