BREAKING: Mitchell Millers agent releases statement about his client

Published November 6, 2022 at 4:54 PM

Incase you've somehow missed it, on Friday the Boston Bruins signed the controversial defenceman Mitchell Miller who was an original draft pick of the Arizona Coyotes back in 2020, but had the pick rescinded after discovering that he bullied a disabled classmate in grade 8 and forced him to lick a lollipop that he rubbed in the urinal. He was also accused of many racial gestures and comments towards this same classmate.

The whole hockey world has been in an uproar over this situation and many fans and even players from the Boston Bruins are very upset over the matter.

Miller's agent Eustace King of O2K Sports Management has decided to release a statement regarding his client and his past:

As one of the very few black agents in the league, a member of the NHL's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and as a Black man who has spent his entire life in hockey, I understand the gravity of the situation and respect the fierce emotions and reactions to the initial reporting and commentary on Mr. Miller's past behavior.

OK2 Sports would not have agreed to represent Mitchell without months of research, deliberation, and introspection within our organization, and conversations with outside advisors.

We believe in restorative justice. Mitchell and I are on this path together, and I welcome you all to join us. OK2 Sports Management believes in accountability, and so does our client.

This conflict is far from over, but the NHL and NHLPA are both involved now, so there will definitely be a lot more news coming regarding this topic.

According to King, Miller has been volunteering with organizations like 'Spread the Word' which has a campaign based on the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Miller is atleast working in the right direction if has been involved with these organizations.
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BREAKING: Mitchell Millers agent releases statement about his client

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