BREAKING: Coyotes Owner Proposes A Billion Dollar Relocation Backup Plan

Published September 30, 2023 at 9:50 PM

The Arizona Coyotes owner has proposed a billion-dollar entertainment district in another state.

Meruelo Proposes Nevada Entertainment District

Last night Alex Meruelo, the owner of the Arizona Coyotes, proposed a massive entertainment district which would be in Reno, Nevada.

The district would be the home of the University of Nevada basketball teams but could hold hockey games at a reduced size of 10,000 in attendance.

However, it was made clear that the Coyotes were not at the forefront of this proposal as Meruelo's team emphasized that this was not a relocation spot for now.

«There is no intention to move the Coyotes to Reno at this point,»

At this point is choice wording that should be noticed as it hints at a potential future there. Meruelo has made it clear he does not want to sell the team but if he cannot find a place in Arizona, he may be forced to move up north to Nevada.

The following was also noted:

«Obviously, they're an NHL team. They need a much bigger venue. There are a lot of rumors about that. But at this point in time, we're not planning on hockey. But we could do preseason tournaments. We would love to have the Coyotes possibly play the Knights up here in preseason. I think there would be a huge demand for that. It would sell out in a day. But as far as having a team play here, we don't have any plans currently.»

Truth be told, the venue does not need to be all too much bigger. A 50% size increase would allow for an NHL arena but 10,000 is more than double the Coyotes' current arena size at Arizona State so it is more than likely that this could be a more profitable venue.

Only time will tell if the Coyotes can find a new arena location in Arizona or if they will be forced to relocate, potentially to this entertainment district.

As seen on The Hockey News - Coyotes Owner proposes $1 Billion Entertainment District in Reno
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BREAKING: Coyotes Owner Proposes A Billion Dollar Relocation Backup Plan

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