Alexis Lafreniere Reportedly Set to be Offer Sheeted by West Coast Team

Published August 1, 2023 at 1:35 PM

Alexis Lafreniere is coming off another improved season, putting up 39 points in 81 games. However, this isn't exactly living up to what the Rangers expected out of their first overall pick in 2020.

Lafreniere's Impending Contract


The Rangers are flirting with cap space issues, with just $2,278,417 left in projected space. Lafreniere's contract will expire after this season, becoming UFA.

Since his performance with the Rangers has been mediocre at best, Lafreniere won't require much in terms of an offer sheet. Market value for what the Rangers can't afford to give him would only equate to a 2nd round pick.

San Jose's a Perfect Match

The San Jose Sharks fit the bill for a Lafreniere offer sheet perfectly. They have the second-round pick to offer New York and are looking to start their rebuild, signalled by the expected trade of star defenseman Erik Karlsson. The Sharks would get a star player who is still relatively early in his development and looking for a fresh start.

Meanwhile, the Rangers would avoid the cap struggles in trying to sign Lafreniere to a bridge deal that works for him and the franchise, as well as avoid any inevitable media criticism that would come with it.

As read on Hockey Patrol - "Surprising Team To Offer Sheet Alexis Lafreniere"
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Alexis Lafreniere Reportedly Set to be Offer Sheeted by West Coast Team

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