Flyers Prospect Screws Over His Team

Published April 4, 2024 at 2:04

A unique aspect of NCAA hockey is the transfer portal, which allows players to leave one school for another. It's usually utilized by players who feel they're undervalued on their current teams or those who are seeking a larger role elsewhere. Today, however, we saw what may be an NCAA first with the transfer portal.

Bump Screws Catamounts

Alex Bump was a 5th-round pick of the Philadelphia Flyers in 2022 and is entering his first year of collegiate hockey with what was supposed to be the University of Vermont.

Bump had committed to UVM for the 2023-24 season, playing in the USHL last year to further develop his game before making the jump. He'd already arrived in Vermont and had started training with the rest of the Catamounts when news broke today that Bump had asked to be released so he could enter the transfer portal.

While nothing has been confirmed, many are speculating that Bump's leave is due to the recent firing of UVM's head coach Todd Woodcroft, who Bump had previously cited as a main draw for his coming to UVM.

It looks like Bump's time at UVM is over before it ever really started, which is something we almost never see.

Minnesota Bound

Fans on Twitter were quick to speculate Bump's next destination, and it seems like the University of Minnesota seems to be the favorite to land him. Bump is a Minnesota native after all, but that isn't even the main factor.

With Minnesota's Logan Cooley signing his entry-level contract with Arizona just days ago, the team has a huge hole to fill before the start of their season. They could set up Bump for massive success should they pair him with the likes of Oliver Moore and Jimmy Snuggerud, which would be a huge draw.

Wherever Bump lands, we're quite shocked at how this has played out.

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Flyers Prospect Screws Over His Team

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