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2018 WJC Player Caught Red Handed Lying to his NHL Team

Published January 31, 2024 at 10:31

There was another major update in the 2018 Hockey Canada investigation today as all the named players are set to face charges. However, one of the players involved dug himself into an even deeper hole as it came out that he lied to his team.

Dube Caught Lying To Flames About Reason For Leave Of Absence

The Calgary Flames released a full statement regarding Dillon Dube today on X. In the statement, they clarified that Dube had asked for a leave of absence and that he specifically cited mental health reasons. This is why the team cited mental health concerns when they made the announcement last week.

dube literally lying is so embarrassing, this is a serious matter..

Flames Claim To Not Know About Possible Charges For Dube

The full statement from the team was rather short and simple as they acknowledged the fact that Dube is now facing charges for his role in the 2018 incident. They also claim that they did not know about the charges prior to the previous statement.

We have now become aware of the charge of sexual assault that has been laid against Dillon Dube. We take this matter very seriously. Because the matter is now pending legal proceedings, we will have no further comment at this time.

We had no knowledge of pending charges at the time Dillon's request for a leave of absence was granted.

That being said, it does seem unlikely that the team would have no idea that this was coming. Rumors about the incident and the possible players involved have been around for quite some time now, and while those rumors remained unsubstantiated until recently, it is almost inconceivable that the team would not at least have an idea that Dube could be in this situation. Given the timing with other players requesting leave on the same day, it adds even more questions as to what the Flames did and did not know. Many fans believe the team is simply lying about the situation.

«We had no knowledge of pending charges at the time Dillon Dube's request for a leave of absence was granted.» is a lie what a joke of an organization

Regardless, it seems that Dube's future in the NHL is all but over. We may have to wait until the trial before we know for sure, but it is also possible that these players, including Dube, will have their contracts terminated before then. Stay tuned to see what happens next for Dube and the Flames.
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2018 WJC Player Caught Red Handed Lying to his NHL Team

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