Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe yelling at the referees
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Sheldon Keefe Goes Ballistic On Referees After Ottawa Player Draws Questionable Penalty

Published February 11, 2024 at 0:17
The Toronto Maple Leafs had an important matchup against the Ottawa Senators tonight. The team dropped the contest 5-3, but the officiating may have played a role in that.

Keefe Furious At Officials After Penalty Drawn By Stutzle

Senators forward Tim Stutzle has developed a reputation for being one of the most notorious divers in the entire league. Sheldon Keefe seemed to lean into that tonight after he drew a tripping call on Leafs defenseman Simon Benoit.

Keefe: Biggest diver in the f--king NHL! You see that sh-t!?

Fans online were very supportive of the head coach.

He's right about that. Stutzle is an incredible player but the diving is embarrassing.

You can see the play for yourself here. Benoit does appear to get his stick between the legs of the Senators forward.

"Biggest diver in the f**king NHL"

Sheldon Keefe RIPS Tim Stutzle after this penalty 😳

Leafs Drop Another Key Game Against The Senators

The loss leaves the Senators the winners of the season series with the Leafs as they went 3-1 against them this season. The Senators have just 21 wins this season. The game was critical for the Leafs, as they now find themselves outside the top-three spots in the Atlantic division. They are one point behind the Tampa Bay lightning with three games in hand and tied with the Detroit Red Wings with just one game in hand. The loss is just anther misstep in a season full of ups and downs for Toronto. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the team as we head towards the trade deadline.
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Sheldon Keefe Goes Ballistic On Referees After Ottawa Player Draws Questionable Penalty

Is Tim Stutzle the biggest diver in the NHL?

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