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Bobby Ryan is in trouble for his comments on women's sports

Published April 3, 2024 at 2:57 PM

Former NHL star Bobby Ryan has recently caused a stir of X after posting several disrespectful comments about Caitlin Clark and women's sports.

Caitlin Clark, who plays college basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes, and is credited with increasing viewership and visibility to women's basketball

Many fans are tuning in to watch Caitlin help the Iowa Hawkeyes in this year's NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. Instead of tuning in, Bobby Ryan opted to cause controversy by posting and defending several rude comments on Clark and women's sports in general.

Meghan Chayka: "Why does it seem like everyone is watching women's basketball??

Oh because EVERYONE is watching."

Bobby Ryan: "Name 7 players. Not 1. Not 2...5-7. First and last names go for it."

Ryan went on to defend his initial comment, stating that he was only trying to demonstrate a point. His comments attracted a lot of attention, including TSN's Chris Johnston.

Chris Johnston: "Hey @Bobbyry5409, buzz off with this nonsense."

Bobby Ryan: "Actually watch this Chris."

Ryan continued his argument by accusing Johnston of having an unclear «conflict of interest»

"Hey Chris Johnson I'm sorry this got a little further than you thought while we use the word «nonsense» are we just going to skip over your conflict of interest? Or we gonna skip over it? Have a great night!"

Bobby Ryan has had a history of questionable behavior, in 2022 he was arrested in Nashville

Bobby Ryan saw a lot of success in his NHL career ending his career with 261 goals and 529 points, but his recent online behavior has been unacceptable.

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Bobby Ryan is in trouble for his comments on women's sports

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