William Nylander Caught Swearing On National Television

Published November 29, 2023 at 1:29 PM
After the Leafs' unique win last night, William Nylander was caught swearing on National Television during his post-game interviews.

Nylander Drops the F-Word During Interview After Leafs' Win

The Leafs did not show their best last night but still managed to come out with a win in a pretty unique fashion. Playing the Florida Panthers, who came off a back-to-back, the Leafs looked slow and struggled at times to keep up with the physical play of the Panthers.

William Nylander was asked after the game about the team's play, and he slipped up briefly, dropping the f-word mid-interview.

"I mean we all knew that we could play better, we needed to dig deep and show some f*cking, oops sorry, character, and I think that took over in the second period.

The slip-up earned some laughs from both Nylander and the media surrounding him, as he smiled after his mistake on live TV.

Leafs Win in a Unique Fashion After Panthers Leave The Ice During Shootout

The Leafs' win was not without its own drama, as the Panthers had thought they won the game after Rodrigues appeared to score in the shootout to win it. After review, though, it was confirmed he put the puck in on a rebound, and players were called back to the ice for Noah Gregor to score the winner just one attempt later.

The Panthers thought they won in the shootout, but the goal was reviewed and disallowed.

Then the Leafs won it on a save by Woll 😱

Just to clear things up 😅

«Only in Toronto!»

One of the Panthers making their way to the bench after already being in the dressing room.

The Leafs have been able to show their success in winning games in overtime and shootouts, as they have had the most games this year go into extra time.
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William Nylander Caught Swearing On National Television

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