We Now Know When Corey Perry's Fate Will Be Decided By

Published December 5, 2023 at 12:56

With Corey Perry's contract termination come and gone, we now have a better understanding of his timeline for what remains of his season.

Perry's Timeline Becoming More Clear After Contract Termination

As it stands currently, Corey Perry is an unrestricted free agent with no contract, as the Blackhawks have terminated his deal after he cleared waivers last week. With regards to what that means for Perry moving forward this season, we now have a better understanding of his potential timeline.

Two important upcoming dates for Corey Perry:

-January 28th: Last day for the NHLPA to file a grievance

-March 8th: Must sign a contract by the trade deadline if he wants to compete in the playoffs

Perry's 60-day window to file a grievance with the NHLPA comes to a close in the new year, on January 28th. It is likely that he will take as much of this time as possible, allowing the heat on him to die down after the holiday season.

Perry Free Agency Comes to A Close in March Like All Others

What is interesting, though, is how quickly the turnaround is between the grievance filing deadline, January 28th, and the deadline for Perry to sign a deal if he wants to play in the playoffs, March 8th. This could mean that Perry is actively going through his grievance filing while trying to sign another deal with a different team, a messy situation that might hinder his ability to find his next home.

For better or worse, Corey Perry is going to be a free agent in 24 hours and teams are going to want to know if he's an option. The Blackhawks (and league?) are in a tough spot in terms of balancing people's privacy versus giving answers.

As for the Corey Perry situation, members of the media know, they just aren't sharing the truth. It's their job to investigate these types of stories. GMs of other teams will know soon, if they don't already. He's a free agent, teams will inquire. It's will come out eventually.

Either way, if Perry does try and file a grievance, it is at that point more details of the situation that occurred could become public. We will likely have to wait until then for more details on the situation.
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We Now Know When Corey Perry's Fate Will Be Decided By

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