Wayne Gretzky names THREE possible new EXPANSION locations

Published October 18, 2022 at 4:59 PM

In the recent years in the National Hockey League, we've seen two expansion teams come in. One team made an instant impact and made it all the way to the Stanley cup finals and the other finished where normal expansion teams do, near the bottom of the standings.

In 2017/18 the Vegas Golden Knights made their season debut and in 2021/22 the Seattle Kraken made theirs.

Expansion teams are exciting, it brings excitement to the league, allows more players to break into the NHL and show what they can do, and it also provide a lot more money for the league.

The other day on TNT, Wayne Gretzky gave his recommendations for where the next expansion teams should go, and here are his three recommendations:

I think Kansas City because the Chiefs and Royals do so well. I think the city of Houston because the Stars have helped grow hockey down there. The third one that's most obvious is Quebec City. There is nothing like hockey in the province of Quebec. I have no knowledge of this, but those are the ones I'm interested in.
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Wayne Gretzky names THREE possible new EXPANSION locations

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HOuston17110.9 %
Quebec116674.6 %
Kansas City22714.5 %
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