WATCH: Referee FORCES teams to shake hands and a NASTY BRAWL breaks out!

Published October 24, 2022 at 1:15 PM

Over the weekend, NCHC's Alaska and Omaha college teams played two games, and at the end of these games, it got a little wild.

The referee forced the teams to shake hands and all hell broke loose.

Spomer_hky on Twitter breaks down the events that took place:

Quick breakdown of the post-game scrum between UNO/UAF today.

It all starts back on Friday night. UAF wins in OT and they celebrate in front of UNO's bench. I've got no issue with this. UNO doesn't react and heads to the locker room.

UNO wins today in OT and UNO40 celebrates in front of their bench. Again, no issue. What goes around, comes around. F*ck around; find out. At this moment, it was all over.

The referee's decide whether the teams shake hands or not at the end of the game, and with how these games were played, no one expected that to happen, but it did, and well, this is where things got out of control:

Here's where it all breaks down:

1)@AlaskaNanooks' coach start MFing everyone, from the officials to UNO's coaches and immediately leaves the ice. He leaves the ice and isn't around for any of the remaining scrum.

@TheNCHC officials decides# it's appropriate for the teams to shake hands after the game. Whether the teams shake hands is completely in their discretion. Reading the room, it was pretty clear it was best to skip it.

A UAF player grabs a UNO player in the handshake line and starts pushing. I thought it was UAF32 and UNO40 but I'm not sure and no video shows it. The refs break it up.

UAF11 grabs UNO26 from behind and throws a punch. It's all downhill from there.

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WATCH: Referee FORCES teams to shake hands and a NASTY BRAWL breaks out!

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