WATCH: Maple Leafs defenceman cheap-shots his own teammate

Published November 16, 2022 at 3:18 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs for years have have taken a lot of flack from fans and the scoreboard due to poor defence and this season the fanbase has chosen to pick on Justin Holl.

A lot of hockey critiques are quick to jump on his defensive awareness and believe he does not have a high hockey IQ.

Last night like all defenceman try to do, Holl was trying to clear out zone infront of the net and his lack of awareness was front and center as he began to cross check the player standing infront of the net and it just happened to be his own teammate.

Watch as his teammate Denis Malgin was covering a Penguins player and Justin Holl decided to give Malgin a few good cross checks in the back.

The Maple Leafs did eventually win this game 5-2, but something is definitely up with Holl right now if he can't tell the difference between a black and yellow jersey vs a white and blue.
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WATCH: Maple Leafs defenceman cheap-shots his own teammate

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