Tuukka Rask Reveals What He Told His Agent After Being Traded From Toronto

Published September 5, 2023 at 10:28 PM

Tuukka Rask recently spoke out on his thought process after being traded from Toronto to Boston.

Rask Traded

Back in 2006, the Boston Bruins made a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs that would alter both franchises' histories. Boston sent over a recent Calder winner in Andrew Raycroft to Toronto in exchange for prospect Tuukka Rask.

This immediately looked like a win for the Leafs as Raycroft was young and coming off a Calder and they had reason to believe he would be a star for years to come. However, he was far from that. He only spent two lackluster years in Toronto and that was that.


Rask on the other hand would go on to win a cup with the Bruins as well as a Vezina Trophy. He played 564 career games all with the Bruins and has a chance of having his number retired by the organization.

Rask's Response To The Trade

Rask recently spoke on his reaction to getting traded to the Bruins.

"At midnight I get a call from my agent saying 'hey you've been traded to the Bruins' and I'm like, great, I don't give a s**t I'm 25 beers deep" - Tuukka Rask

In all honesty, his reaction does make a lot of sense. It was the middle of summer and Rask had yet to even come over to North America. It would actually be another year before he made that move to North America.

Obviously, 25 beers deep anybody would say some things they did not actually mean but for this to be Rask's reaction to being traded to his franchise team is more than hilarious.
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Tuukka Rask Reveals What He Told His Agent After Being Traded From Toronto

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