Tom Wilson Sends a Threat to Erik Karlsson

Published August 17, 2023 at 3:01 PM

Notorious Capitals enforcer Tom Wilson has made his plans for Erik Karlsson known.

Wilson Threatens Karlsson

Tom Wilson is known for his massive hits on the ice and being one of the most feared players in the NHL. Erik Karlsson is almost the polar opposite known for his high-flying offensive capabilities and being rather gentlemanly on the ice.

In a recent interview, Wilson revealed his plans for Erik Karlsson.

«He's super skilled and does things that are next level. But at the end of the day, he's a rival now and we'll try and make his life difficult back there as a Capital.»

While a vague threat, it is obvious what Wilson means by reading between the lines.

Wilson Speaks On The Rivalry

On top of discussing Erik Karlsson, he also touched on the Capitals' rivalry with the Penguins.

«There's always that rivalry,» Wilson explained. «It's always fun to play those guys. As long as Sid and Ovi are playing, it's always a special night, and one that you circle on the calendar. So it'll be cool to have [Karlsson] be a part of that rivalry.»

With the two franchises both missing the playoff since the 2000s, it seems like they still have a lot to prove in the coming year.

Their aging cores will either prevail versus the younger Devils, Rangers, and Hurricanes or will fizzle out resulting in great disappointment.

As seen on RMNB - Wilson excited Karlsson is a Penguin, looking forward to ‘try and make his life difficult'
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Tom Wilson Sends a Threat to Erik Karlsson

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