Conspiracy Sparks Around Connor Bedard In Chicago After Interesting Revelation

Published August 17, 2023 at 1:58 PM

Connor Bedard was recently drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks first overall. He is considered a generational prospect by many in the hockey world. A new connection between the Blackhawks and Connor Bedard has caused a stir about the circumstances of Bedard landing in Chicago.

Bedard Family Connection

According to a tweet sent out by the Chicago Blackhawks Connor will not be the only Bedard to have suited up for the Blackhawks. His great-great uncle James played for the team from 1949-51.

James suited up in only 22 games for the organization according to the post. He also racked up a goal and an assist in his time.

However, family members playing in the NHL for the same franchise isn't all that uncommon. So what then makes this case more controversial than the rest?

Bedard Lands In Chicago


The NHL Lottery every year is clouded in rumors of the event being rigged or fixed in some way. The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery was no different with a television error leading to results being revealed from the host before they were shown on screen. This led a crowd of people on social media to question the lottery and its legitimacy.

Bedard landing in Chicago also fits this argument as they are just coming off of having one of the best dynasties in recent memory and only just began their rebuild. Add into the equation the Bedard family connection and the theories start building and building.

While all of these theories are just that and there has been no evidence to show that the NHL Lottery is rigged in any way it is interesting to see fans draw theories and connect dots.
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Conspiracy Sparks Around Connor Bedard In Chicago After Interesting Revelation

Will Connor Bedard win the Calder trophy?

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