Tom Wilson and Michael McCarron
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Tom Wilson Drops Former First Rounder In Heavyweight Bout

Published December 31, 2023 at 10:56

On Sunday afternoon the Washington Capitals and Nashville Predators played to a 3-2 shootout final, with the Predators getting the better of the Capitals in the end.

A big bout between two brutes

At 16:15 of the first period, with the score 2-1 in favour of the Predators, Michael McCarron and Tom Wilson dropped the gloves in a big beefy brute tilt.

There were rights and lefts thrown. A tackle and then chirping afterwards between the two forwards.

It was a surprisingly aggressive affair between the two teams that are in different conferences, and only play twice a year.

How the game went after the fight

After the tilt the game remained 2-1 until 15:59 of the second period when Alex Ovechkin tied the game at two. It remained 2-2 until a minute left in the third period when Alex Ovechkind scored the go-ahead goal. However, that goal was overturned based on "interference with the goaltenders ability to stop the puck", so the goal was overturned.

It was a play that is often called a goal or not a goal, it just appears to depend on the mood of the referees or the situation room in Toronto. No other goals were scored in the game, and it went to the shootout where the Predators won the game.
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Tom Wilson Drops Former First Rounder In Heavyweight Bout

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