The Next Zdeno Chara Has Already Entered the NHL

Published September 3, 2023 at 7:34 PM

The 2023 NHL Draft was certainly an interesting one for the Arizona Coyotes, and after passing on other big time talents, they may have landed perhaps their biggest target.

A giant


Biggest in this situation not only means biggest dream prospect for Arizona, but physically big, as it has been revealed that Dimitri Simashev, the No. 6 overall pick may be way bigger than initially thought.

General Manager Bill Armstrong has now made a shocking claim, as he revealed Simashev measures in at 6'7", not the reported 6'4" that was making the rounds when he was first drafted.

Bill Armstrong states that, 6th overall pick, Dmitri Simashev is actually 6'7, not the 6'4 he's listed at.

The Next Chara

Now, unsurprisingly, given his speed and incredible skating ability, he's drawing comparisons to another giant defenseman with all those traits in legendary defenseman Zdeno Chara.

Obviously, at just 18-years of age, there's a long way to go before he could come anywhere near those lofty expectations, but for now, this is another prospect to bring Arizona great optimism, and if they can all pan out, we could be looking at a very competitive team in a few years time.

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The Next Zdeno Chara Has Already Entered the NHL

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