Team Hiding Recent Signing From The Public Amidst Backlash

Published July 4, 2023 at 9:08 PM

It was quite a shock when the Montreal Canadiens drafted David Reinbacher just less than a week ago. Not many people expected the Austrian defenseman to go as high as he did, but Montreal felt comfortable taking him at 5th overall. The draft pick was met with very intense backlash from their fans, the likes of which we'd never seen before.

Canadiens Hiding Reinbacher Signing

A report has just emerged that the Montreal Canadiens have already signed Reinbacher to his entry-level contract, but are purposefully withholding it from the public. After the intense backlash that we saw when they drafted him and the supposed threats he received on social media, it's no surprise they're hiding it.

La Poche Bleue has learned that David Reinbacher has already signed his entry-level contract with the Canadiens.

The French-speaking podcast La Poche Bleue claims that Reinbacher has already agreed to his ELC with Montreal, but the team won't report it.

Giving Into Fans

The Canadiens' management stood by their pick proudly, even when heavily questioned by fans and media over it. They said the fans had a right to feel however they wanted, but they were happy with their pick, and would stick to their plan.

If they're so committed to sticking to their plan regardless of the fan reaction, then why would they hide Reinbacher's signing from the public?

Perhaps the true extent of the harassment both Montreal's management and Reinbacher received is worse than previously thought, and they're hoping to avoid a similar outcome.

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Team Hiding Recent Signing From The Public Amidst Backlash

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