Suspension Likely For Golden Knights Forward After Dangerous High Hit

Published November 15, 2023 at 12:10
A suspension is likely incoming after this Vegas Golden Knights player delivered a dangerous high hit.

Cotter Delivers High Hit On Kuznestov That Could Land Him a Suspension

During last night's Golden Knights game, Paul Cotter delivered a dangerous high hit on Capitals' Star Evgeni Kuznetsov. Cotter was ejected for the hit, as it was night and day how dirty it was on one of the NHL's longstanding superstars.

Paul Cotter was given a match penalty and ejected for this hit on Evgeni Kuznetsov

The play is especially dirty as the puck is gone from Kuznetsov's stick, which means Cotter could have tried to ease up. Instead, he led with the elbow and connected directly to the chin of Kuznetsov.

NHL Not Afraid to Hand Out Suspensions For Hits to Head

The NHL hasn't been shy about handing out suspensions for this to the head the season. Charlie McAvoy was given a 4 game suspension for a hit to the head, which was upheld after an appeal. It appears the NHL and NHL player safety are steadfast in their attempts to eliminate dirty hits to the head like this from the game.

We await further details on whether or not Cotter has received a suspension or a hearing for a suspension.

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Suspension Likely For Golden Knights Forward After Dangerous High Hit

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