Sidney Crosy Sends a Beautiful Message to Patrice Bergeron

Published July 25, 2023 at 7:06 PM

Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement earlier today and he received a special message from Sidney Crosby.

Crosby Sends a Message to Bergeron

Crosby wanted to congratulate Bergeron on his amazing career, and he did it by releasing a statement. Here it is:


It's been a pleasure to compete against you and a special honor to be your teammate over the years. Your achievements speak for themselves, but the person you are is what stands out the most. For anyone who has played with or against you, there isn't a better example to follow. Congratulations on a remarkable career and enjoy the next chapter mon ami!


A Long-Time Relationship


Both players were in the NHL for a long-time together. They've always played against each other, but their relationship was always respectful.

They've collaborated on multiple occasions, like All-Star games or Team Canada.


It's great to see a relationship like that between the best players, even if they were mostly opponents on the ice!

As seen on Markerzone - Crosby Delivers Heartfelt Message To Bergeron
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Sidney Crosy Sends a Beautiful Message to Patrice Bergeron

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