Shea Weber doesn't ''Give A Damn'' about the Montreal Canadiens?

Published April 28, 2022 at 1:14 PM

Lets be real, Montreal Canadiens Captain Shea Weber has played his last game in the NHL. However the Montreal Canadiens media is furious with Weber as well as mixed emotions from the Canadiens fan base.

Shea Weber is still the captain this season in Montreal however, Shea was MIA in the team photo and that raised alot of eyebrows. The Montreal media is absolutely furious that Shea Weber didn't attend the Guy Lefleur Tribute Night after the passing of the Habs legend. In Montreal its tradition for captains to attend ceremonies in Montreal.

Shea Weber is being accused of not respecting tradition in Montreal as he's been a no show this year for anything for the Habs. He did make a appearance for his Nashville Predators teammate Pekka Rinne's tribute night.

TVA Sports Jean-Charles Lajoie berated Weber stating if or when Shea Weber goes into the NHL hockey hall of fame, he hopes Shea goes in as a member of the Nashville Predators instead of the Montreal Canadiens.


"For me, it is an accounting line in the accounting books of Canadians. If he were to enter the Hall of Fame one day, I'll guarantee you the chalet it would be with the Nashville Predators cap. He was always just a Nashville Predators player. We'll have to put it in the noggin. This year, he didn't want to talk to anyone. He didn't show up once or so, but he did pay his respects to his friend Pekka Rinne."



«I think the Canadians are going to do everything to make sure he stays until Tuesday," he said. "They're going to put pressure on Weber. He was not present when Guy's memory was honored. That's enough! Someone in the organization has to oblige. He cashed his check throughout the season, without speaking to reporters. Weber doesn't give a damn about the Montreal Canadiens. That's the least of his worries."
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Shea Weber doesn't ''Give A Damn'' about the Montreal Canadiens?

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