Scary Evander Kane Injury Joins Conversation Around Protective Equipment

Published November 1, 2023 at 10:52 PM

The tragic incident where Nottingham Panthers' Adam Johnson died from a skate blade cutting his throat during a game, brought back eerie reminders of past near-fatal injuries in NHL. One striking example is goalie Clint Malarchuk's similar injury in 1989, which he survived. More recently, Edmonton Oilers' Evander Kane had a close call when a skate blade lacerated his wrist during a game in 2020, requiring immediate surgery and a long recovery.

NHL and hockey in general have to mandate slash proof neck guards this isn't the first injury regarding one, I can recall a similar situation with Evander Kane, but with the Adam Johnson incident, something needs to change this is so sad

Changes Needed Now

Post these incidents, discussions around enhancing protective gear for players have gained traction. NHL executives are now looking beyond just neck protection to also improving wrist protection. The upcoming NHL GM meetings on November 14 in Toronto will feature this crucial issue, continuing an ongoing dialogue from past meetings spurred by Kane's incident. NHL's dialogue with a speed skating company about potentially adopting one-piece protective suits like those worn by speed skaters hints at the evolving nature of this discussion.

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How Far Will The NHL Go?

Although only a protective top has been agreed upon so far, the dialogue on comprehensive protective gear is anticipated to continue, in light of Johnson's tragic death underscoring the urgent need for better on-ice protection for all players.

We all just watched Evander Kane almost have his career ended last year. And now this year a hockey player's life was ended Obviously we can't prevent all injuries, but we sure as f*** can do more to prevent these laceration injuries! Hopefully before it happens again

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Scary Evander Kane Injury Joins Conversation Around Protective Equipment

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