Ron MacLean Reveals His True Relationship With Don Cherry After Their Fallout

Published September 6, 2023 at 11:19

MacLean and Cherry

Ron MacLean and Don Cherry ended their friendship in a very public way. After Cherry was fired from HNiC, he asked MacLean to stand with him. Instead, MacLean made an apology, threw Cherry under the bus, and made a comeback.

Now 89 years old, Cherry stated that they aren't friends anymore.

In 2022, he said:

"I don't think we'll ever be friends again."

Updated reports suggest that the situation has changed.


The True Story

MacLean shared on the Bob McCowan podcast that they're still talking:

"The way we speak is, I phone him and then he usually phones back, but you know, Don is not big on technology," MacLean said.

He also noted that during the NHL All-Star Game in Sunrise, Florida, last February, he was joined by Kathy Broderick, Cherry's previous producer, and Kevin Bieksa, a fellow Sportsnet colleague, in calling Cherry.

"We all sent greetings. Then I phoned him when Mayor Hazel McCallion, the longtime mayor of Mississauga, passed away. I offered to take Don to the funeral, but it would have been, you know, a bit of an event if he were there. So he asked not to go. I phoned him again on June 1, on the anniversary of [Don's late wife] Rose's passing."

MacLean continued by saying that they often disagree, especially on politics, but they were never consumed by that.

This looks a lot like MacLean is trying to gain back the favor of the crowd after he backstabbed Cherry.

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As seen on Blade of Steel - Ron MacLean provides update on his relationship with Don Cherry after their fallout
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Ron MacLean Reveals His True Relationship With Don Cherry After Their Fallout

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