Roberto Luongo Goes After Gary Bettman Following The Marc-Andre Fleury Situation

Published November 25, 2023 at 11:57
Roberto Luongo shared his thoughts on the NHL and Gary Bettman via social media after the whole Marc-Andre Fleury situation went viral online.

Fleury Blocked From Showing Support For Native American Heritage Night

Marc-Andre Fleury was ready to show his full support for the Minnesota Wild's Native American Heritage Night last night, having had a custom mask designed to celebrate Native American Heritage. Fleury, whose wife is Native American, was quickly blocked by the NHL from doing so.

As part of Native American Heritage Night and to honor his wife, who is native, Marc-Andre Fleury had a custom-designed mask created by Cole Redhorse Taylor. Mask quotes his dad on back, has names of his kids.

He's bummed the NHL has informed him he can't even wear in warmups

Despite the threats to be fined, Fleury decided to wear the helmet in warmups last night anyway, risking a massive fine for himself and the Wild.

Marc-Andre Fleury is wearing his Native American Heritage mask in warmups. 🙌

Luongo Takes Stand For Fellow Goaltender Against the NHL and Gary Bettman

Fellow goaltender Roberto Luongo showed his support last night for Fleury when he took to social media to share his thoughts on their decision to block Fleury from wearing the mask. In his post, he questions what the NHL is even doing trying to do this stuff.

I mean come on what are we even doing here??????

Clearly, the NHL and NHLPA need to find a common ground agreement to solve this issue. Especially for goaltenders, who wear special and unique designs on their masks all the time.
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Roberto Luongo Goes After Gary Bettman Following The Marc-Andre Fleury Situation

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