Rangers Forward Leaves A Mysterious Piece Of His Face On The Ice

Published December 5, 2023 at 10:50 PM

The New York Rangers are on of the best teams in the NHL this year. They currently sit atop the metro division standings with 37 points thanks to their 18-4-1 record. They have an eight point lead on second place Carolina. However, one of their veteran forwards paid the price tonight as was struck in the face with a puck,

Goodrow Appears To Lose Tooth After Taking Puck To The Face

The 30-year-old forward was exiting the offensive zone when Rangers defenseman K-Andre Miller attempted to shoot the puck back in deep for a line change. Unfortunately though, the puck inadvertently hit Goodrow square in the face. There appeared to be a piece of debris, possibly a tooth, on the ice where Goodrow went down.

Luckily, the Rangers forward was able to get up and skate off the ice on his own quickly following the incident. However, the team did announce that he would not return to the contest.

Fans online quickly began to speculate as to what came out of Goodrow's mouth following the incident.

The debris appears to be a broken piece of tooth, but it could also be part of a mouth guard. Next time Goodrow is available for the media the answer will probably become obvious.
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Rangers Forward Leaves A Mysterious Piece Of His Face On The Ice

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