Radko Gudas Takes a Shot at Canadian Teams

Published August 2, 2023 at 11:20

Radko Gudas revealed why he signed in Anaheim and passed on playing for contending Canadian franchises.

Gudas Fires Shot At Canadian Teams

This past offseason, Radko Gudas was a hot commodity on the free agent market. He received many offers but eventually decided that it was best for him to sign a 3-year $4 million per year contract.

Recently, it was revealed that three Canadian teams offered Gudas a contract but he elected to not play for them due to one major reason.

In an interview with @DenikSport, Radko Gudas said that he received offers from CGY & EDM & TOR. But he didn't want to play in Canada, especially in Toronto. He said the media pressure in the playoffs was crazy. He felt it even though he only played for Florida & not Toronto.


The Shot

By citing his reason for not signing in Canada as the media, it implies that Gudas does not want to deal with all of the lights. While there is plenty of glory that comes with it, there is also much scrutiny that comes from playing in Canada.

Any minor mistake is highlighted to the greatest extent come playoff time, and Gudas rightfully did not want to be under that microscope.

Some players thrive in the spotlight while others want to avoid it at all costs and with Gudas playing only for American teams throughout his career, he has made it clear that he is more low-key than any Canadian market.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Gudas Reveals Why He Did Not Sign In Toronto
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Radko Gudas Takes a Shot at Canadian Teams

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