RUMOR: Wayne Simmonds Is Looking To Return To The NHL

Published September 1, 2023 at 0:13

Wayne Simmonds has been one of the best power forwards of the last decade. He has brought a mix of physicality, speed and scoring touch to every team he's played for. He's now still sitting in free agency as August comes to a close.

Simmonds Must Make A Decision

The now 35-year-old Simmonds has an important decision to make regarding his career. The prolific power forward has tallied up 526 points in his 1,037 games played. However, due to his advanced age he is not the same player he was in his prime.

Now Simmonds needs to decide what he wants the rest of his career to look like. He could likely head to a team like San Jose, Arizona, or Philadelphia where rebuilds are occurring and get more playing time.

He could also sign somewhere like Boston which is looking for depth forwards after the retirements they endured this offseason. But in places like Boston and other contenders, he will likely be a scratch some nights or be one of the least-played forwards on the roster.

A Reunion In Toronto?

If Simmonds decides that winning is his top priority could Toronto be a top option? He would likely be a bottom liner with the Leafs who plays sparingly. However, he could add the much-needed grit that the Leafs have been searching for in recent years.

He could also add another veteran voice to the locker room with lots of playoff experience.

Wherever Simmonds decides to play he will likely have more of an impact in the locker room and with the culture than on the ice. He could have just enough juice left to help a team needing a power forward over the hump to a Stanley Cup.

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RUMOR: Wayne Simmonds Is Looking To Return To The NHL

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