RUMOR: New Teams Trying To Trade For Canadian Team's Young Star

Published September 10, 2023 at 10:06 PM

Many teams are calling on the availability of one of the Ottawa Senators' brightest young pieces.

Pinto To Be Moved?

The Ottawa Senators sit at a crossroads. They currently have Shane Pinto not under contract and would like to get him signed but do not have the cap space to do so. If they were to sign Pinto, they would be over the cap and would need to waive or trade a more expensive player.

This has led to the Senators taking calls on the young middle six forward to see if they can get a fair trade. The problem with trading a player as young as Pinto, you need to acquire even younger players or draft picks.

New Teams Interested

It is known that the Boston Bruins are interested in Pinto and would likely be willing to part ways with their top prospect, Fabian Lysell, to get Pinto on Boston.

However, insider Eklund of has provided some insight on the teams interested in Pinto.


The Sens are going to have a tough time signing Pinto, and there is no lack of interestShould they keep him or move him?

The Islanders and the Canucks are interesting spots for Pinto. Pinto would fit seamlessly in with the Islanders and their style of play. This would make him one of their top young players and future captain material at that.

The Canucks are a different story. It is not exactly clear what the future of the Canucks is. Will they rebuild, retool, or try to make a cup run? Pinto would be a piece they could use in any of those situations. He is young enough to where he can outlast a rebuild. He is also good enough to help any cup-contending team.

At the end of the day, the Senators will have to make a decision soon on their young 20-goal-scoring center.

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RUMOR: New Teams Trying To Trade For Canadian Team's Young Star

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