REPORT: Two Contenders Aggressively Pursuing Jeff Petry

Published August 7, 2023 at 10:38

Despite just trading for Jeff Petry, the Canadiens are looking to move on from him for a bigger return.

Habs Looking To Flip Petry

It has become a recent trend for teams to acquire players for cheap and then flip them to another team with retention for a larger return.

We may see Kent Hughes pull off a successful asset flip after just acquiring Jeff Petry.

Petry's Value

Coming off of 31 points in a 61-game campaign, Petry has proven he is still quite a valuable offensive defenseman.

If the Canadiens are willing to retain 50% on the final two seasons of Petry's contract, we could see them fetch major future assets.

Realistically, the Canadiens could get a late first or a pair of seconds in exchange for Petry at a reduced price. While it may seem like a lot, many teams would be willing to pay that price if they feel Petry could help them to a Stanley Cup.
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REPORT: Two Contenders Aggressively Pursuing Jeff Petry

Should the Canadiens flip Petry or keep him?

Flip him5288.1 %
Keep him711.9 %
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