REPORT: TOP NHL Prospect got the chance to train with Crosby and MacKinnon this summer

Published September 18, 2022 at 9:41 PM
Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon are two of the best players in the National Hockey League, both from different generations of hockey. Crosby is a three-time Stanley Cup champion, along with a whole lot of Gold Medals, he truly knows how to win, and Nathan MacKinnon is fresh off winning the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche.

These two have been training together in the offseason for awhile, and it's been reported that their offseason workouts are very intense.

This summer one lucky young prospect from Nova Scotia had the opportunity to train with these two, and it could really serve him well for the upcoming season.

Justin Barron was drafted 25th overall back in 2020 by the Colorado Avalanche, but only saw two games with the Avalanche, he spent most of his time in the AHL. He was then traded to the Montreal Canadiens at this years trade deadline and got into 5 games for the Habs towards the end of the season.

After this trade happened, Crosby who already spent some time training with Barron made a public statement that the Avalanche will regret trading him, it was a huge mistake by the Avalanche.

Barron had this to say regarding Crosby's comments:

I have some friends who sent me Sidney's comments. It's really cool. It's special to hear that kind of talk about us, from a guy like him too. I learn so much from him. He's just an incredible player and person. I can even tell you that he's constantly helping me improve."

Barron also went on to saw how fortunate he is to have the opportunity to play with these two great players:

"You should see the pace they set in practice. They don't take any drill lightly and they don't miss any practice. They're true professionals and it's contagious."

The Montreal Canadiens are in desperate need of a defenceman to step up and become their star on the backend, could Barron be that guy?

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REPORT: TOP NHL Prospect got the chance to train with Crosby and MacKinnon this summer

WIll Barron develop into a star defenceman?

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