Nathan MacKinnon shares funny story on how Nazem Kadri left the team group-chat in SAVAGE way

Published September 18, 2022 at 5:15 PM
Nazem Kadri preformed off the charts last season for the Colorado Avalanche, scoring at over a 100 point pace and putting up another 15 points in 16 playoff games while playing with a broken finger, helping the Colorado Avalanche to win a Stanley Cup against the two-time defending champion, Tampa Bay Lightning.

It was only a few years ago that the Toronto Maple Leafs moved on from Kadri because they didn't like his attitude, but he is definitely a heart and soul type of player and they could have seriously used him these past few years.

The Avalanche were in a tough situation after winning the Stanley Cup because they had quite a few UFA's and not enough money to bring them all back, and unfortunately that meant Nazem Kadri was leaving in free agency.

His former teammates in Colorado were really hoping that Kadri would return, and some were even trying to get Kadri to take a lesser-value deal in a group chat.

In the end though, Kadri did not stay with the Avalanche and moved back to Canada to play with the Calgary Flames. The Avalanche tried to bring him back, but the rumour is that his offer from the Avalanche was for shorter term and around $2,000,000 less per season than what he got in Calgary.

These past few days some of the top NHL players have been doing an NHLPA media tour, and Kadri's former teammate, Nathan MacKinnon shared a funny story with the members of the 32 Thoughts Podcast about how Kadri told his cup winning former teammates he was leaving the team:

Nathan MacKinnon on the 32 Thoughts podcast said that the most interesting move made this past offseason that could impact the Avs road to repeat was Kadri going to Calgary. Kadri texted the Avs group chat saying, "I don't give any deals," then exited the chat.

Kadri took a gamble on himself and joined a new team and took the bigger payday.
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Nathan MacKinnon shares funny story on how Nazem Kadri left the team group-chat in SAVAGE way

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