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REPORT: NHL Players career in JEOPARDY due to concussions - Could be OVER

Published October 15, 2022 at 6:54 PM

We've seen many players be forced to retire early due to health issues. Concussions are something that has been a serious issue in the NHL and it has forced some of the best players to ever play into early retirement, or worse have some serious side effects due to playing through them.

Paul Kariya and Eric Lindros are two players who were at their time, two of the best players to ever lace up skates, and both players careers were plagued with concussions and forced them into early retirements.

Even early in Sidney Crosby's career we thought his career was going to be cut short due to the amount of concussions he received.

Last night some bad news came from the Carolina Hurricanes, as they announced that forward Ondrej Kase has left the teams road trip and returned to Raleigh to see the doctors.

Taken from an article on Dailyfaceoff.com, this news is what should worry some fans:

'Doing the math on this July 2021 story and factoring in Kase's concussion in 2021-22, he has six documented concussions, not including the injury for which he's currently being evaluated. Depending on whether we weigh the designated ''upper-body injury'' absences the same as the officially diagnosed concussions, it's possible Kase's career concussion total is in the double digits.'

Kase has already had 6 confirmed concussions and now possibly a seventh, these will just continue to come from frequently, easier and worse than the previous.

While giving up your dream of playing in the NHL will be hard, Kase must think of his health.
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REPORT: NHL Players career in JEOPARDY due to concussions - Could be OVER

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