REPORT: Montreal Canadiens to make CONTROVERSIAL move with Sean Monahan?

Published October 22, 2022 at 6:32 PM

Sean Monahan was acquired this offseason by the Montreal Canadiens from the Calgary Flames, as a cap dump, they also received a conditional first round pick from the Flames for taking on his salary.

The Habs were hoping that Sean Monahan who was a former 30 goal scorer, would recover his game after having a few poor seasons due to injuries, and that they could again flip him at the deadline for additional assets.

So far this season, Monahan has 3 points in 5 games for the Habs, but has looked very good.

While this good start is good news when it comes to a trade, the Habs might be thinking of making a controversial move and possibly re-signing him/

On TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie predicts:

Kent Hughes' Plan A is to "kosher in" by re-signing him to another team at the trade deadline. But he can make the organization think so hard to change the plan. My prediction is that he will average a point per game at the trade deadline. That means there will be huge offers for Monahan if he stays healthy. That's something to watch. But I can also see Monahan getting along with the Canadiens long term. He is so much in the team's DNA.

It would take a huge offer to get him out of Montreal if things continue to go well for him," said Lavoie. He wants to start a family. He's happy to be playing in the East. I can't wait to see how this file will progress. A lot of teams are dreaming of him being available at the trade deadline."

Montreal went into this year with the plan of doing a full rebuild, but so far they have not traded away any of their big assets for picks and prospects. This upcoming draft features some possible franchise players and if a team like the Habs wants a chance at getting him, this is the time to be trading away these players, not re-signing them.

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REPORT: Montreal Canadiens to make CONTROVERSIAL move with Sean Monahan?

Will the habs sign or trade Monahan?

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