REPORT: Lou Lamoriello's ''rules'' forces Bo Horvat to make a change

Published February 1, 2023 at 12:33
On Monday we finally had our biggest trade of the season with the Vancouver Canucks sending Bo Horvat to the New York Islanders.

The General Manager of the NY Islanders is Lou Lamoriello, who is famous for his old school style. Ontop of rules the NHL forces players to follow, Lou also has a set of rules of his own.

A list of his rules came out yesterday:

-no facial hair (except the in playoffs)
-no long hair (past the collar)
-no jewelry (necklaces/earrings)
-jackets/ties must be worn to games and on the team bus/plane
-no broadcasters/media permitted on the team charter (including team broadcasters)

It also came out that he doesn't like players to wear any number above 40.

Among the many #LousRules from Lou Lamoriello (although this one has some wiggle room): he doesn't like numbers higher than 40. Two exceptions: Casey Cizikas (#53) pre-dates Lamoriello with the Islanders, Jean-Gabriel Pageau (#44) was allowed to keep his number from Ottawa

While wearing numbers seems like a silly thing to care about, some numbers are sacred to people. Would you have liked to see Wayne Gretzky wear something other than 99? Lemieux 66? Crosby 87? This rule has forced Horvat into something new and has chosen #14.

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REPORT: Lou Lamoriello's ''rules'' forces Bo Horvat to make a change

Should players need to follow Lou's rules?

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